Ways to Give

You can make a gift to UREF through a variety of methods that directly make an impact.

Your gift to the department can be general or specific. If you are considering giving to UREF, here are some ideas for areas of giving that align with the foundation's mission:

1. Scholarships and Student Support: Donors can contribute to scholarships and student support programs, helping alleviate financial burdens and ensure deserving students have access to quality healthcare education. This support can include tuition assistance, textbooks, research opportunities, and other resources that enhance student success.

2. Research Funding: Donors can support research initiatives by funding research projects, laboratory equipment, and resources necessary for conducting cutting-edge research in healthcare. This support enables researchers and faculty members to make significant advancements in medical knowledge and contribute to improving healthcare practices.

3. Teaching and Faculty Development: Donors can contribute to programs and initiatives to enhance teaching methodologies and faculty development. This can include funding for faculty training, innovative teaching technologies, workshops, and conferences, which ultimately benefit the quality of education provided to students.

4. Infrastructure and Facilities: Donors can contribute to improving infrastructure and facilities at UREF-supported institutions. This includes funding for constructing, renovating, and maintaining classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and other essential facilities that create a conducive learning environment for students and researchers.

5. Community Outreach and Healthcare Initiatives: Donors can support community outreach programs and healthcare initiatives facilitated by UREF. This can include funding for medical camps, health screenings, health education programs, and initiatives that promote healthcare awareness and accessibility within local communities.

6. Global Health Initiatives: Donors can contribute to UREF's global health initiatives, which focus on addressing healthcare disparities and improving healthcare access in underserved regions. This can include funding for medical missions, international exchange programs, and collaborations with organizations working towards global health equity.

7. Technology and Innovation: Donors can support integrating technology and innovation in healthcare education and practice. This can include funding for state-of-the-art medical equipment, simulation technologies, telemedicine programs, and other innovative solutions that enhance learning and patient care.

It's important to note that donors should consult with UREF to understand their specific funding priorities and guidelines, ensuring that their contributions align with the foundation's mission and ongoing initiatives.

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